Labor Day

On this day

the day that means the end of summer

people get together to celebrate

the party is usually outdoors

there’s barbecue this and potato salad that

music is being played

all are having a good time

there are pickup games for all to play

it’s a great way to catch up with friends and family

let’s hope the weather is just right

it doesn’t get too bad around here too soon

one has to remember their cameras

to capture all the memories

memories talked about for years to come



the best friend

I’ve always wanted a pet
large ones are hard to care for
I’ll always fear getting bitten
small ones are are a lot easier
there’s no big hassle at home
little ones can be so cuddly and playful
a light brown to a caramel color
some spots are okay too
with a toy the fun gets better and better
exercise for me a plus
if they bark or meow makes no difference to me
having a pet can brighten my day
especially if there’s nothing on the agenda today
after a day of fun
it’s time to unwind
my pet might be beside me
listening to music
or watching a funny show
the only time we’d part
is when it’s time for bed
there’s nothing like having someone
that special cuddly, furry one
after a long time of being alone.


My Shopping Trip

To begin the shopping day

picking out the nicest t-shirts

I always want the brightest colors

then I pick shorts to match

they’ll be so colorful that it won’t be hard to match them up

then I get serious and head for the dresses

some in one color, others have more

summer colors just brighten up my day

the next step in the process-shoes!

a pair of gym shoes for when it’s time to get moving

a pair of strappy sandals to match with the perfect dress

This wraps up my shopping day

one day the time will come for accessorizing

for now,I’ll just be happy feeling comfy

and looking great in everyday wear


As I’m sitting…

As I’m sitting here I’m thinking about what’s going on at my mother’s house. My daughter called last night and asked me to come over. Something about a surprise-I guess I’ll see when I go over there! I hope people didn’t cook a big breakfast because it’s no fun anymore. Now lunch, or even dinner I could understand and handle.  I have three daughters waiting for me to spend time with them. I think  I’ll  get dressed and go over there. Happy Mother’s Day to me!