writer’s block

Thinking of a story

I’ve got nothing so far

no characters in mind,no story line ready

I try to come up with the simplest theme

even that is somewhat trying

I could go back and talk about the basics

like talking about a flower blooming

from just a small seed

or talking  about an tasty ice cream cone

perfect for this type of weather

instead, I have nothing

maybe if I took a moment for me

something may come to  my mind

to get me over this hump

until then…

I have this-my lone attempt at creativity


The Peach Tree

When I’m looking for a snack

the peach tree is where it’s at

I get big and tasty peaches

I try to go for

as much as I can get my hands on

then they end up in the house to get washed

for all my hard work a peach is my reward

man, how sweet they are

you’d think the peaches were injected with some kind of sweetener

if I knew how to bake

I could have a lot of peach cobbler

maybe some ice cream too!

is there a such thing as homemade peach ice cream?

how much does it cost to make it?

I’ll enjoy the work that was put into the tree

Especially the  gold nuggets that came from it

the best friend

I’ve always wanted a pet
large ones are hard to care for
I’ll always fear getting bitten
small ones are are a lot easier
there’s no big hassle at home
little ones can be so cuddly and playful
a light brown to a caramel color
some spots are okay too
with a toy the fun gets better and better
exercise for me a plus
if they bark or meow makes no difference to me
having a pet can brighten my day
especially if there’s nothing on the agenda today
after a day of fun
it’s time to unwind
my pet might be beside me
listening to music
or watching a funny show
the only time we’d part
is when it’s time for bed
there’s nothing like having someone
that special cuddly, furry one
after a long time of being alone.



Ever have a moment

where everyone is talking

if you try to say anything

you can’t get a word in at all

I’m so full of ideas

that no one will listen to

everyone else can speak their mind

I have to live in today’s world

things I love

I never get to do

it’s not appropriate

here where I live

word spreads like the speed of light

I’m hoping for a day

where I don’t have to worry

a day where I am free to be me

where I don’t have to step on egg shells the rest of my life.

(I am in no way trying to do more than express my feelings)

Love Is…

Love is

two people connected at the heart

they’re friends first

friends forever

both know each others thoughts and feelings

no deception seen here

then comes love

looking into each other’s eyes

they cry tears of joy when they see each other

love tugs at their hearts

a hug sets of tons of fireworks in each other

stars are shining bright

as they walk along the boardwalk

they are two people in love

taking their journey to a higher place

two people-joined as one.

At The Fair…..

There’s loads of fun at the fair

lots of rides and games to play

soar through the air on a swing like ride

or ride a roller coaster for the ultimate thrill

toss three rings,throw some balls

win stuffed animals and other prizes

eat great food,enjoy a cool drink

listen to great music

dance the night away

its a day of fun for all

everyone will get tired- it’s time to go home

all will get their rest for the night

because the party’s still on

straight through the following night!

In the wee hours of the morning

I went outside yesterday

got my fill of sun and air

then I went home for the night

slept for a while

dead to the world

then reality slapped me awake

with no way to keep up with time

I was going to have to rely on the light in the sky

I got up, walked around

then I went right back to sleep

woke up again and felt like I was outside at night

I swear, if there were any crickets

I would have heard them!

After walking  around I went to my bed

guess I must have dozed off

there was no sleeping anymore

so I just got ready for a new day

of more sun!

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