What Do I Do Now?-now that vacation is over

I spent most of the summer keeping busy

trying to forget that I was on my own

I read,I wrote, I even played with my niece

nothing was too good enough for me to do

now that all is said and done

where do I go from here?

long days and long evenings of sitting around

knowing that I am capable of so much more?

the kids have lives(school)

when do I get mine?

I have been sitting around for too long now

If  I could just do something

so my life could mean something

I have a big problem with just sitting here and pretending

when all that’s going to happen

is me being  fit and unhappy

people complaining

I want a part of the action too

I’ll be sitting here living a lie until then
(this may seem like it’s about me-but it’s not-creativity at work  here,people!)


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