The Rose

I’ m in my room at the moment. I have my room door opened and there’s a nice breeze coming in. When I look out the first thing I see is my neighbor’s house.She gives me the creeps at night! All she does is sit and watch a covered rose all night long.I could have sworn I saw it glow last night! She also got prettier,too! I took a good look in my mirror and decided that I had to have that rose.I had recently broken up  with my boyfriend 1 year ago and I felt that it was time to get back on the market.You could say I was driven by envy and greed.  I just waited for her to leave the house so I could run in and grab it. At the front of her house I noticed  that she left the door unlocked. Who does that around here? I finally made my way to the exact room I saw her in. When I laid my eyes on the rose, it started glowing! I was in a daze from looking at it. Suddenly, I heard noise coming from the front of the house. I made my move for the rose, but when I touched the case,I didn’t feel too good. Next thing I know, I feel like I’m shrinking.The neighbor came in the room to check on the rose. Then she saw me , a frog on the floor and said “Another has fallen into my trap!” The neighbor laughed like she was an evil witch and then  added “Only I can be the chosen one!” “I want all the men to be falling at my feet” she proclaimed.”How many more must fall before they realize this?” the neighbor asked. She then scooped me up and tossed me in a tub filled with other frogs. Upon seeing a new frog being added into the tub I was  suddenly surrounded and the questions started coming. I just sat there thinking about what I did to deserve this. After a few seconds of thinking I just joined in the mix and started talking too. At least I’m not alone in here-I’ll figure a way out somehow!


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