Summer Confessions….

Looking at my watch I see that it is 6AM central time. I groaned  out loud – now I can’t sleep at all! I poked at my friend next to me. “Wake up, sleepy head!” Her eyes slowly opened and she just sat there staring at the ceiling of the plane.  Then she turned towards me with an irritated look on her face. ” What do you want!” she hissed. I hesitated for a second-she hates being woken up. I put me best smile on and said “I can’t sleep!” She grabbed her pillow from behind her, covered her face, and screamed into it. A lot of people started looking back at us. “Did you have to do that?” I asked. “Well, I’m up now!” she grumbled. “Thanks a lot!” she added.
We then sat in silence for about five seconds. I broke the silence by asking “Can you believe that our vacation is over?” I paused, then added ” I am not ready to go back to carrying heavy books all day long on campus!” My friend replied “Time goes too fast when you’re having fun.” She looked at me,took a deep breath and said “You would have had more fun if  you weren’t such a baby.” I got mad when she said that and grumbled “Excuse me for not being bold like you!” I turned my back to her and said ” It’s not like I didn’t take part in any of the festivities.” My friend replied “That’s just it-you spent too much time in your hotel room.” Upon hearing this, I just took a deep breath and exhaled. My friend poked my back to get my attention. “Are you mad?” she asked. ” I just thought you’ve been alone for too long” she added. “I’m still hurting from when T dumped me.” I confessed. My friend pulled on my shoulder to get me to look at her. “You have got to let that go-that was over a year ago!” she said. We fell silent again for a few  seconds.
My friend jumped in and said “Okay, enough about you-I have a confession to make too!” My ears stood up like a dog hearing a prowler in the night. I giggled and said to her “Tell me all the juicy details!”  She smiled and replied ” I got a kiss on the lips from a guy!” My eyes grew big as saucers when I heard what she said. “I guess I have been in the room for too long.” I conceded. I then asked “What was it like?” My friend replied “It wasn’t long enough to judge.” She hesitated for a second and said “I did get his telephone number, though.” I had to cover my face with my pillow to keep from screaming out loud. I took a deep breath,uncovered my face, and asked  “Are you going to call him?” My friend replied “Of course!”  I said to her “You better let me know how things go!” I got a goofy grin in return from her. Then we heard the pilot asking people to return to their seats. I smiled and said “It’s about time!” My friend said “I’ll call you later on, okay?”  I gave her a thumbs up signal. We both then sat back until the plane landed.Then we gathered all our stuff and left to meet our parents.


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