What Do I Do Now?-now that vacation is over

I spent most of the summer keeping busy

trying to forget that I was on my own

I read,I wrote, I even played with my niece

nothing was too good enough for me to do

now that all is said and done

where do I go from here?

long days and long evenings of sitting around

knowing that I am capable of so much more?

the kids have lives(school)

when do I get mine?

I have been sitting around for too long now

If  I could just do something

so my life could mean something

I have a big problem with just sitting here and pretending

when all that’s going to happen

is me being  fit and unhappy

people complaining

I want a part of the action too

I’ll be sitting here living a lie until then
(this may seem like it’s about me-but it’s not-creativity at work  here,people!)


In the wee hours of the morning

I went outside yesterday

got my fill of sun and air

then I went home for the night

slept for a while

dead to the world

then reality slapped me awake

with no way to keep up with time

I was going to have to rely on the light in the sky

I got up, walked around

then I went right back to sleep

woke up again and felt like I was outside at night

I swear, if there were any crickets

I would have heard them!

After walking  around I went to my bed

guess I must have dozed off

there was no sleeping anymore

so I just got ready for a new day

of more sun!


Dancing is one of my favorites

I dance like it was still  the 1980’s

doing the snake or the running man

the music then was filled with a nice beat

the stuff I grew up with was dance music

then we reach the 1990’s

a new era in the world of dance

I knew of the butterfly and the perculator

It wasn’t easy like when I was a kid

but I still danced anyway

the styles of today gave dance a whole new meaning

ladies and gentlemen, I give to you

ballroom dancing!

with moves like the meringue and the cha-cha

they’re so graceful that

it can give you the look of a professional

if you really wanted it

My days of being a pro are gone

but I still dance for fun

either way,I feel like a superstar

and a dreamer holding onto some great memories!

Life’s Cure All

If  I had a problem

can I take a magic pill

and see it all go away

or can I take a temporary pill

and feel some relief from the stress of life

the problem with that

some parts are getting better

some are getting worse

why sacrifice one part for another

when life isn’t going to get any better

Don’t lie to me,don’t try to confuse me

just don’t bother telling me anything but the truth

pretty soon you’ll break the most important part of me (my spirit)

is there a magic pill for that?

or do I get stuck with something temporary as well?

One Wish

If I could have one wish

I’d want it to be special

a wish that I could share

between a friend and I

friends forever

I scratch her back, she scratches mine

I would like to travel the world with my friend

eat new types of food

learn the customs of other countries

especially go out and enjoy the night life

not before going shopping to look our best

I wish this wish would never end

we’d be in our fantasy world

no one could stop us

maybe I’ll end up working for the government

as a translator of many languages

they say knowledge is power

and it makes me feel good about me

this is my wish

hopefully one day it will come true!

The Rose

I’ m in my room at the moment. I have my room door opened and there’s a nice breeze coming in. When I look out the first thing I see is my neighbor’s house.She gives me the creeps at night! All she does is sit and watch a covered rose all night long.I could have sworn I saw it glow last night! She also got prettier,too! I took a good look in my mirror and decided that I had to have that rose.I had recently broken up  with my boyfriend 1 year ago and I felt that it was time to get back on the market.You could say I was driven by envy and greed.  I just waited for her to leave the house so I could run in and grab it. At the front of her house I noticed  that she left the door unlocked. Who does that around here? I finally made my way to the exact room I saw her in. When I laid my eyes on the rose, it started glowing! I was in a daze from looking at it. Suddenly, I heard noise coming from the front of the house. I made my move for the rose, but when I touched the case,I didn’t feel too good. Next thing I know, I feel like I’m shrinking.The neighbor came in the room to check on the rose. Then she saw me , a frog on the floor and said “Another has fallen into my trap!” The neighbor laughed like she was an evil witch and then  added “Only I can be the chosen one!” “I want all the men to be falling at my feet” she proclaimed.”How many more must fall before they realize this?” the neighbor asked. She then scooped me up and tossed me in a tub filled with other frogs. Upon seeing a new frog being added into the tub I was  suddenly surrounded and the questions started coming. I just sat there thinking about what I did to deserve this. After a few seconds of thinking I just joined in the mix and started talking too. At least I’m not alone in here-I’ll figure a way out somehow!

121 word story Boredom part 2

I wrote a poem-it has nothing to do with me. I just had something on my mind and I had to get it out  fast! Otherwise I’ll lose my inspiration and have to start back at square one. The brain was really functioning a while ago!When I’m alone at home I get  bored and I have no where  to turn to.I usually don’t watch television until later in the evening,if I do watch anything at all. Thank God I don’t have to spend the weeks in the house all the time. One needs their daily dose of sunshine to get through the day.If  I don’t get any at all I won’t have much to be happy about. So if that means leaving just because my mom’s at home then so be it. I’m off to see what can be done for the rest of the day!

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