When The Love Is Gone part 5

It’s five o’clock in the morning.

Mom is in bed asleep. Suddenly, the phone rings, waking her. She jumped up in fear and sat holding  her chest for a few seconds.Meanwhile, the phone just rings and rings. Finally, she was able to pull herself together and answered the phone. “This better be important!” Mom said into the phone. Dad replied “Grouchy as usual, I see.” “Do you know what time it is?” Mom asked. Dad quickly replied “I just wanted to let you know that we need to change the weekend schedule for the kids.” Mom yelled and started punching her pillow.  A few seconds later she was back on the phone. “Fine!” she said, scratching her head. ” I’m not going to tell them-you are!” she added. “Just tell them that we’ll go to the amusement park next week.” Dad said. Mom replied” I don’t even want to know what you’re doing!” She then sat up in bed and asked “Where’s your brain been at these days?’ Dad responded “Well, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind.” “Well could you try to leave your personal business at home when you take the kids out?”Mom asked She then flipped on her back and said ” You’re making the kids nervous.”
“Look,are you going to tell the kids or not?” Dad asked. Then the conversation stalled for a few seconds. “Are you still there?” Dad asked. Finally, Mom replied “Sorry-falling asleep over here-somebody woke me up too early this morning!” Dad sighed and asked “Can you please tell them?” Irritated, Mom said “Okay,okay-I’ll tell them!” She gets out of bed and starts looking for her robe. Dad said “See, was that so hard?” Mom finds her robe on the floor and picked it up. “We need to work out a better schedule for the kids.” she said after putting it on. Dad asked ” What’s the problem?” Mom replied “That’s the problem-you’re thinking one way and I’m thinking another.” Dad asked “Do you want me to come over so we can talk?” Mom said “If we don’t work out something soon,we may have to get help to do this. Dad said “Call me when you’re ready for us to talk.” Mom replied “Remember what I said!” and hung up the phone. She then went and finished preparing herself for the long day ahead.


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