When The Love Is Gone Part4

Mom is outside waiting for the school bus to arrive. The kids were supposed to take the bus home because she couldn’t pick them up. Although they haven’t been gone long, she still can’t wait to see them.

(the bus just pulled up)

The son is the first person off the bus. He sees Mom and yells ” Mommy!” He then runs towards her and they hug each other.The daughter jumps off the bus and runs to hug Mom. Mom said ” Wow, I guess you guys really missed me,didn’t you?” Her son replied “We had a great time at the pool!’ The daughter looked at her mother and said ” Yes,we had a great time!” She then went back  to hugging Mom.  The son looked at Mom with a serious face because he had something important to ask her. Mom looked at her son”s look  and asked “Is there something wrong?” The son took a deep breath and explained what he ment. “He seemed to be a little distracted when we were at the pool.” The daughter jumped in and said ” We were calling him and he wasn’t responding!” Mom looked concerned and said “I’ll talk to him about it,okay?” The kids yelled  “Great!” and they ran into the house. Mom stood up slowly and followed them inside.
Once they were inside Mom laid down the law. “If  you two want to go play then you have to get the homework done first.” They both whined “Aw, do we have to?” Mom replied” You two don’t have that much to do anyway.” She looked in both bags and found a math book in one and a reading book in another. She looked up at the both of them and said” If you get everything done,then I’ll order pizza and we can watch a movie too.”  The kids looked at each other and said “Pizza?” They quickly sat down and and began their homework. The son had a few questions about his math homework and Mom was able to answer all of them. Her son was over joyed to get his work done! Her daughter-who loves to read-was able to get through the material without any trouble.
Mom said “I guess I can order the pizza now!” She picked up the phone to order the pizza,and hung up when she was done. “What movie would you like to watch tonight?” she asked the kids. They both replied ” We know you’ll find us something good to watch!” The kids went to watch television until the pizza arrived.Mom was left alone  and she started to think about something the kids said. “Something must be really be bothering their father” she said out loud. She took a deep breath and thought “It can wait until the kids are asleep.” She went to join the kids until the pizza was delivered. It didn’t take too long for it to arrive. Mom paid for the pizza and brought it out to where the kids were sitting. Mom said” Dig in!” The kids happily grabbed a slice and started eating. Then a movie was placed in the DVD and the family got comfy for the rest of the evening


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