The Choice Is Yours!

I just got off the plane from Indiana.I am now in Atlanta, Georgia. Hours earlier I had a fight with my now ex-girlfriend.She wanted to take our relationship to the next level but I just wasn’t ready. She found out that I got a job offer that pays more than the job I have now. The catch-moving to Atlanta, Georgia.I didn’t know how to tell her the truth.I spent many days and many nights trying to figure out how to tell her. Unfortunately, she figured it out first and wouldn’t speak to me for a week! After the week was up,she came back around with an ultimatum-her or the new job. I tried to explain how felt about my work, but she just cut me off! She never could understand how much I enjoyed writing anyway. She told me to my face that she thought it was a waste of time. I didn’t say anything more after she cut me off so she assumed I chose the job and not her. She then started walking towards my front door. I tried to stop her but she just put up her hand behind her like a stop sign. I let her go after that sign. That’s why I’m now heading towards the airport exit to try and get a cab to my brother’s place. He helped me get this job and offered to let me stay until I got back on my feet. I ‘m done with women for now- I just don’t have the time for it! I’m hoping that once I get settled in Ms.Right will find me and we can start something new! (I want to forget about what happened back home!)


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