When The Love Is Gone part #3

“Kids, don’t forget your sunscreen!” Dad said. He then walked up to the side of the pool and splashed both of then with water. The kids react loudly about the temperature of the water. The kids wailed  “Stop, the water’s cold!” Dad the replied “Aw, it’s not that bad!” He then hands them the sunscreen.The kids hop out the pool,slather themselves from head to toe, and waited for their father’s approval. When they get it, they hop right back in. A game of catch starts in the pool-and Dad could see the children yelling and trying to get the ball. He goes to an an available seat(with an umbrella)and sits down.He pulls up another chair near him and places his feet in it. Then Dad just sighed and said to himself ” Let the kids have their fun in the water today!” His mind wasn’t completely on the kids, though. He had a lot to do to get settled in his new apartment. The only things he has in his apartment are his clothes,some dishes, and food. He had to figure out how he was going to furnish the apartment.Buying brand new furniture was out of the question! Dad was so caught up in his thinking that he didn’t notice that one of his kids was calling him. He went over to the side of the pool to see what the kids wanted. They immediately start in on their father when he reaches them. His daughter said ” Dad, I’m hungry!” His son whines “When can we get something to eat?”  Dad replied “But we just got here!” He looks at his watch-it’s 12:30!  ‘Wow, time sure flew by fast!” Dad exclaimed. His son laughed and asked “What were you doing over there?” The daughter giggled and said “It was like you left the planet for a few minutes!” Dad frowned and grumbled “Ha, Ha,very funny!” The kids immediately wipe the smiles of their faces. “Let’s go get something to eat!” Dad said. the kids climbed out the pool and ran to get their bags. Then they went back to where their father was-and they all left the pool area together. When they got outside Dad asked  “Are we done for today?” His son whined “It’s too hot outside now!” Dad then said “Let’s  go and get some of our favorite food-pizza! The kids start cheering loudly! Dad smiled and said to himself “I guess that’s a yes!” He then turned and headed towards the local pizza parlor.


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