Dear Friend

Remember when we used to be so reckless? We partied hard,experimented with some pills, and did things that would cause Mama to fall down in her grave.Sleep was something we thought we didn’t need. No one could tell us anything-we did what we wanted.Of course,we didn’t stop to think about the consequences of our actions. Hey, we couldn’t remember a lot of what we did! Life was just  was just passing us by and we took it for granted. Our wake-up call came one day when we were the cause of a wreck that killed innocent people. They died because of us! I couldn’t continue being the way we were because it HURT so much!  I did some time in a hospital because they thought I was crazy. Today, I was at a meeting to discuss my feelings. This was also part of my  sentence  for killing those people . It could have been a whole lot worse, but I had a great lawyer that helped me. I wish you were here with me-but,instead I’m stuck talking to a tombstone.  Sometimes I wish He took me with you so we could be tight like we used to be! (the friend kneels down and kisses the fresh grass over her grave and sobs quietly)


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