The Stranger pt.3

(At the mall shopping with friends)

“I have got to find something to wear for this date!” I said. My friend said “Chill out!” She then hands me some blouses from the rack and said “Here, go try these on!” I start to protest that the blouses look too small,but she cuts me off  by saying  “Just go try them on!” Pouting, I take the tops to try them on. In the dressing room I pick out the first shirt and try it on. It slides on easily. In fact, they all side on easily. “They all fit!” I said happily. My friend said “I told you they would!” I said “Let me finish getting dressed and I’ll be right out.” I then got back into what I had on before, gathered up all the blouses, and left the room. When I get to the store area  I was dying of thirst. “Let’s take a break and go get something  to drink.”I said. “My treat!   We both walk across to the other side  and go up  to the drinks to decide what to get. I didn’t want any soda,so I decided on some  ice tea. My friend wanted a smoothie. I went to order my drink first and paid the cashier. My friend then paid for her smoothie and I paid the cashier. We started in on the stuff I bought. I said ” Man ,this is some good stuff!” My friend replied “You really should try this smoothie-it’s great! “When we are finished here, do you want to go back and start shopping again?”I asked. I was looking forward to my date and all I wanted to do was get  the perfect outfit. My friend said ” Okay, okay!” She didn’t think I needed to get all dolled up just yet. She finished her smoothie and went to throw the cup in the garbage. On the way over there, she just froze in place with her mouth hanging open. I called to her but she didn’t respond.I went over to her and touched her several times  but she didn’t move.Then I caught sight of what she was looking at. It was my date for tonight- he was getting too cozy with another girl! I marched right over to where he was to confront him. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around-and he was shocked to see me. I asked” Who is this?”  My date replied “She’s my date.” He took one look at me and said ” Sorry if  I gave you the wrong idea, but we are just going out on a date.” I said “You can’t date me and date her too!” My date said “See, that’s the thing-I’m not ready for anything too serious- I just want to have fun!  I said “Why didn’t  you tell me that when we were talking on the phone?” I took a deep breath and added “Well, I can’t handle the way you feel. ” My date asked “Can we still be friends?” I smiled and said “Yes, call me and we’ll talk.” He then went back to his date and I went back to where my friend was. I was just walking with my head down thinking. I looked up and saw  her walking towards me. She placed her arm around my shoulder and said “Are you okay?” I replied “I’ll be okay-he ‘s not the only guy on the planet!” We began walking for a couple of seconds and stopped .I said “If you don’t mind, all I want to do now is just take what I bought and go home.” My friend said “I guess-there’s not much to shop for now.” She looked at me and said “Let’s go home!”  We then walked out the mall doors and headed to the car to go home.


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