Two friends and a date?

Two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow moonlit lane.I was coming from the opposite direction- I jumped behind some bushes when I saw them,shaking with fear.  They were discussing a beautiful woman they met earlier. They were trying to decide who is a better fit for her. Here’s how the conversation I heard went.

Man #1: You don’t like women who go to bars a a lot! You said it makes them look desperate!

Man #2 : She smokes! You hate that!

Man #1: She seems like the type who wants someone to take care of her.

Man#2:  Well, she said she went to college and got a degree.

Man #1   A degree in what? How to trap a man for life? You actually believed her? This is my type of woman and you know it! You want someone to settle down and I want to party!

Man #2  Sooner or later you’ll realize there’s more to life than partying!

Man #2   She sure is pretty, though.She’d be even better without some of that make-up on! You saw how she was dressed-does every thing have to be clingy?

Man #1    Listen to yourself!  All you’re doing is complaining now! Are you sure this is the type of woman you want?

Man#2 I guess not! Okay, you win! She’s yours! I bow down for the master! (bows and walks backwards)

Man #1 Thanks,man! There will be a great woman for you somewhere-take your time and don’t rush! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a number that I need to get! (heads in the direction of the club)

Man#2 Take it easy, man! Try to save something for me!  (he sighed, and walked away with his  head down, secretly feeling rejected)

Me: Aw, poor guy! It sounds like he’s been in the shadows for years!  That other guy is just too lucky! I hope he’s being careful, though. Luck has away of running out when you least expect it. Here’s hoping the right person will fall into that guy’s lap soon!


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