When The Love Is Gone Pt.2

The both of us were sitting at the table discussing visitation for our kids. We had some trouble with it, so we decided planning ahead wasn’t necessary. He was going to be living three blocks away  from here anyway. As for child support, we decided that there was no need to get the courts involved. We both looked at each other for a second and took a deep breath. I said “We may as well get this over with!” He shook his head yes and agreed with me. We both called our children into the kitchen. One could hear something similar to a stampede when the kids ran into the kitchen.  The little girl and boy said in unison “Hello!” I told the kids to sit down at the table and they did so obediently. When he was sure that we had the kids attention he said “We love you both very much.” The boy looked at the girl,puzzled. The girl said ‘We know you love us-what’s wrong?” The both of us looked at each other and I said  “Daddy is moving out-he’s found himself a  new place to live.” The girl started looking like she was about to cry. The boy simply asked “Why, Dad ,why?” The girl whimpered “Don’t go, Daddy!” He said ‘It’s not your fault- your mom and I just aren’t in love anymore.”  The kids looked at me  like they thought I could do something about it. “There is nothing I can do- I’m sorry.” He said “I’m just going to be three blocks away-it’s not like you’ll never see me again!” The kids asked “Can we still come over and play video games on the computer?” He laughed and replied “Yes , you  guys can still do that-and all the other things we normally do.” he ruffled both children’s hair and added “I just won’t be living here anymore ,that’s all. The kids looked at each other and said “We don’t like this at  all-but at least  you’ll be close by when we need you, Daddy.” They both surrounded him and gave him a big hug. He looked at me and with this look that said ” This is definitely not the reaction that I thought we were going to get!” I just  smiled and said “I know, me too.” I then said  “Hey, kids-your father’s treating us to lunch today! The kids faces lit up and then they looked at their father. He laughed and said “Let”s go- last one in the car is a rotten egg!”  The kids took off for the car and left us parents standing in the kitchen.  He looked at me and said “I guess we have to start from somewhere,right?” to which I replied ” They’ll be alright-they’re good kids!” He and I then grabbed our stuff off the table and headed out to meet the kids by the car.


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