5 books that have inspired my blogging

These books are:

1. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

2 the entire Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

Extra: Lucky Break

Up until recently I have been blogging about life in general. I mean things like relationships (friendly or more), family and family issues. The first book is about getting married and the problems that can come from it. The characters didn’t know it yet, but a part of them didn’t want to get married at all. There were some trust issues involved. The Twilight series follows the relationship between two characters (one is a vampire) who have some rough times.  Then to further complicate things another enters the mix. They way they work things out has held my attention throughout. Watch for reviews coming soon!  It may seem childish reading this series, but  when you open up on of the author’s books you are not going to be able to stop! I’m not all about love though-I also talk about children as well. They go through so much coming up and I find that it’s very interesting to talk about when they start to get older-what direction they go in their lives.


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