College education and a well paying job

Well I just got my wake up call! Over the weekend I was just messing around on one of these online school sites.  I took a few assessment tests and found out I needed help in the worst way! This is just your basic computer skills and typing here. Without an education I might be able to sneak by with these skills. The pay however, isn’t always good. To get paid more, I’d have to go back to school, big time! So far, I’ve managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade. Now if I wanted to go off into something else I’d have to learn things like how to design a winning website. If I got paid I’d have to learn spreadsheets to keep up with my money,and  learn about maintaining a database of my customers. I’m sure you’re understanding where I’m heading with this-and by the way, it doesn’t just apply to computers. It applies to whatever you’re trying to be. The ironic thing about this- even if you are into a job that doesn’t deal with computers, you may end up having to learn how to use one anyway!(you could hire people, but that costs money too!) So, if you are thinking of not going to college for whatever reason, think again! You are just setting yourself up for more trouble! This message is especially for those who aren’t legal yet. The chances for success without an education are not good.  Nothing is cheap out in the real world! This includes food,clothing, housing among other things! You’d think the young ones would want something to fall back on at least!


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