When The Love Is Gone

His crossed arms answered her question before he spoke. I sighed and said “So it’s like that,huh?” He replied quietly “Yes , we’re done.”He turned to look at himself in the mirror.He added, “We’ve been done for years now! ” Upon hearing that I just crumpled in a heap on our bedroom floor and sobbed. He felt bad and began to rub my back. ” I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he said.I took a deep breath and and asked “What about the kids?” He didn’t say anything at all. He just walked over to our closet and began to pack some clothes in an overnight bag. Then he stopped and looked at me. “You know I love our children!” he yelled. I went red in the face,shocked that he would talk to me like that. “Send the kids to your mother’s.” he said. He went back to packing his clothes and didn’t say anything else. “Do you plan to come back to work out the details of our divorce?” I asked. He zipped up his bag,picked it up, and carried it to the bedroom door. “Give me some time to get settled-I’ll be in touch.”he said. He then started putting his shoes on.”Listen, don’t tell the kids until we are able to work something out.” he pleaded. I said “I’m not going to lie to them about us- it isn’t right.” “Well can you wait so we can tell them together?” he asked. I rolled my eyes and said “I don’t know why I even bother-you wanted this-but okay, I’ll wait for you.”  Relieved, he went  back to finish getting himself  ready. He tied his shoes, stood up,and walked over to his bag. He turned to me and said “I’m sorry, I really am.” I put my best fake smile on my face and said ” It’s not your fault.” He took one last look at me and left the bedroom. As soon as I heard the front door slam,I was able to breathe again.


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