The Stranger

I was sitting alone having dinner. While I was eating, I looked up and saw this man staring at me! He smiled and waved at me. He wasn’t ugly at all. I just put my head back down into my plate  and continued eating.I hate when  people do that!  Then 10 minutes later the waiter approached me with this big bottle of champagne and said it was from the handsome man who was staring at me earlier. I looked at him again and there was that smile and wave again! I began to wonder if the man knew me from somewhere because he sure acted like he did! I looked outside and saw that it was raining. I didn’t want to go out in that mess! I decided to try and and wait it out. I called the waiter and tried to get the bill. The waiter just looked at me and smiled  and said ” The gentleman has already paid the bill.” I looked at the man at the other table and said ” You’re not going to quit, are you?” The man just looked at me and smiled again! This was starting to get on my nerves!  I said “What, you don’t speak or something?”I got no response from him. I was about to go over to his table to give him a piece of my mind for bothering me all evening. As I stood up, the restaurant door opened and a blast of cool air filled the dining area. My friend from childhood came in and said hello to this weird man! Then she looked at me and said ” Hey, I see you two have met!” I replied “What are you talking about?” She said “This is the guy that I wanted to introduce you to!” The strange man said “I’m sorry-I didn’t mean to scare you.”I asked him “So you already knew how I looked?”. He just shook his head yes and smiled. I then turned to my friend and said “Things would have been different tonight if  your friend knew how to talk!” The strange man looked at me and said ” Can we start this over again?” I hesitated and then I decided to go along with the program. “I’m leaving if you stop talking!” I said. He laughed and pulled out a chair for me to sit down. As I went to sit down,my friend said “Looks like the start of a great friendship!” We both sat down at the same time and the conversation continued long into the night.


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