Twitter-an easy place to start.

T witter is one of the easiest social networks that a person can use. It’s simple, and very time efficient. If I have something to say, I can write a short tweet about it. I can network with other people. I can organize who I’m working with and watch for newcomers that can help me later on. I know what’s in the news and what’s popular at the moment.  I use this information to guide me in the decisions I make. Word spreads like wildfire around here, so if I keep at it someone’s bound to notice! With the activities I join I can let my followers know if I have something to share. Some are great and give you more exposure – that means more fans! Of course, we all know there’s more to Twitter than this-but I only use it for business purposes. I would recommend this network to those just starting out-it will help you showcase yourself in a positive way. Get ready to make new friends!


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