crazy weather

It was getting dark outside,at ten in the morning. I heard the weatherman in the radio say that a severe thunderstorm was headed our way. I got up and took my first look outdoors and saw that a storm was indeed brewing! The wind started picking up speed. The next thing I knew, there was debris flying everywhere! It was no longer safe to peek outdoors anymore. The rain started falling hard,and it was beating  on the windows of my home. Could that have been hail I was mistaking for rain?  The first sound of thunder and lightning hurt my ears. It was a loud boom!- and I’m not talking about your loudest  firecrackers here! One could see the lightning light up the sky. My windows shook with all that plus the wind blowing so hard- I thought they were going to break! I moved into my own little hiding space for the remainder of the storm. Thank God there was something to look at while I was there!  I heard a loud crash just outside the side of my apartment- Seems a tree tumbled just inches from where I was hiding!  Guess it just wasn’t my time to go just yet!  Just as fast  as it started, It quickly ended. There was no major damage done, but there were a lot of people going all over the neighborhood trying to recover their belongings that landed blocks away! I hate having to sit through these times alone!


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