When The Love Is Gone part 5

It’s five o’clock in the morning.

Mom is in bed asleep. Suddenly, the phone rings, waking her. She jumped up in fear and sat holding  her chest for a few seconds.Meanwhile, the phone just rings and rings. Finally, she was able to pull herself together and answered the phone. “This better be important!” Mom said into the phone. Dad replied “Grouchy as usual, I see.” “Do you know what time it is?” Mom asked. Dad quickly replied “I just wanted to let you know that we need to change the weekend schedule for the kids.” Mom yelled and started punching her pillow.  A few seconds later she was back on the phone. “Fine!” she said, scratching her head. ” I’m not going to tell them-you are!” she added. “Just tell them that we’ll go to the amusement park next week.” Dad said. Mom replied” I don’t even want to know what you’re doing!” She then sat up in bed and asked “Where’s your brain been at these days?’ Dad responded “Well, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind.” “Well could you try to leave your personal business at home when you take the kids out?”Mom asked She then flipped on her back and said ” You’re making the kids nervous.”
“Look,are you going to tell the kids or not?” Dad asked. Then the conversation stalled for a few seconds. “Are you still there?” Dad asked. Finally, Mom replied “Sorry-falling asleep over here-somebody woke me up too early this morning!” Dad sighed and asked “Can you please tell them?” Irritated, Mom said “Okay,okay-I’ll tell them!” She gets out of bed and starts looking for her robe. Dad said “See, was that so hard?” Mom finds her robe on the floor and picked it up. “We need to work out a better schedule for the kids.” she said after putting it on. Dad asked ” What’s the problem?” Mom replied “That’s the problem-you’re thinking one way and I’m thinking another.” Dad asked “Do you want me to come over so we can talk?” Mom said “If we don’t work out something soon,we may have to get help to do this. Dad said “Call me when you’re ready for us to talk.” Mom replied “Remember what I said!” and hung up the phone. She then went and finished preparing herself for the long day ahead.


10 minutes of writing

This Summer, you don’t have to go overboard when you’re updating your wardrobe. First thing you do is go through what you have and get rid of what either doesn’t fit. Also get rid of items that you’ve had for too long. You want to dress in this century. What you should have are some nice clothes that you can go  get matching pieces at the mall. Hey, it doesn’t have to be the mall-it could be a smaller store with good quality clothing. You don’t have to tell anyone where you shop. Keep your eyes open and you’ll spot some great deals for the season. You can never have enough T-shirts and shorts. If you’re daring, you can even buy a dress or two at a great price! As far as shoes are concerned, I say go for the sales like buy one get one 50% off. You end up paying  the price of one pair of shoes. How nice is that?  Swimming is not something I’ll be doing much of,  unfortunately. They cost a lot of money and you have to shop fast before the good ones are all gone!  (I wouldn’t feel too comfortable  in one).Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and be able to go on a vacation and all the stuff can be put to good use! There might be a generous host available and you may comeback with more than what you started with! Have a happy vacation!

About Me

I’m not skinny

I’m not fat

I exercise

I eat right

I also eat a treat or two

I’m not a size 4

I’m not a size 18 either

I’m in the middle

I’m just loving me- there are no copies of me around

When The Love Is Gone Part4

Mom is outside waiting for the school bus to arrive. The kids were supposed to take the bus home because she couldn’t pick them up. Although they haven’t been gone long, she still can’t wait to see them.

(the bus just pulled up)

The son is the first person off the bus. He sees Mom and yells ” Mommy!” He then runs towards her and they hug each other.The daughter jumps off the bus and runs to hug Mom. Mom said ” Wow, I guess you guys really missed me,didn’t you?” Her son replied “We had a great time at the pool!’ The daughter looked at her mother and said ” Yes,we had a great time!” She then went back  to hugging Mom.  The son looked at Mom with a serious face because he had something important to ask her. Mom looked at her son”s look  and asked “Is there something wrong?” The son took a deep breath and explained what he ment. “He seemed to be a little distracted when we were at the pool.” The daughter jumped in and said ” We were calling him and he wasn’t responding!” Mom looked concerned and said “I’ll talk to him about it,okay?” The kids yelled  “Great!” and they ran into the house. Mom stood up slowly and followed them inside.
Once they were inside Mom laid down the law. “If  you two want to go play then you have to get the homework done first.” They both whined “Aw, do we have to?” Mom replied” You two don’t have that much to do anyway.” She looked in both bags and found a math book in one and a reading book in another. She looked up at the both of them and said” If you get everything done,then I’ll order pizza and we can watch a movie too.”  The kids looked at each other and said “Pizza?” They quickly sat down and and began their homework. The son had a few questions about his math homework and Mom was able to answer all of them. Her son was over joyed to get his work done! Her daughter-who loves to read-was able to get through the material without any trouble.
Mom said “I guess I can order the pizza now!” She picked up the phone to order the pizza,and hung up when she was done. “What movie would you like to watch tonight?” she asked the kids. They both replied ” We know you’ll find us something good to watch!” The kids went to watch television until the pizza arrived.Mom was left alone  and she started to think about something the kids said. “Something must be really be bothering their father” she said out loud. She took a deep breath and thought “It can wait until the kids are asleep.” She went to join the kids until the pizza was delivered. It didn’t take too long for it to arrive. Mom paid for the pizza and brought it out to where the kids were sitting. Mom said” Dig in!” The kids happily grabbed a slice and started eating. Then a movie was placed in the DVD and the family got comfy for the rest of the evening

The Choice Is Yours!

I just got off the plane from Indiana.I am now in Atlanta, Georgia. Hours earlier I had a fight with my now ex-girlfriend.She wanted to take our relationship to the next level but I just wasn’t ready. She found out that I got a job offer that pays more than the job I have now. The catch-moving to Atlanta, Georgia.I didn’t know how to tell her the truth.I spent many days and many nights trying to figure out how to tell her. Unfortunately, she figured it out first and wouldn’t speak to me for a week! After the week was up,she came back around with an ultimatum-her or the new job. I tried to explain how felt about my work, but she just cut me off! She never could understand how much I enjoyed writing anyway. She told me to my face that she thought it was a waste of time. I didn’t say anything more after she cut me off so she assumed I chose the job and not her. She then started walking towards my front door. I tried to stop her but she just put up her hand behind her like a stop sign. I let her go after that sign. That’s why I’m now heading towards the airport exit to try and get a cab to my brother’s place. He helped me get this job and offered to let me stay until I got back on my feet. I ‘m done with women for now- I just don’t have the time for it! I’m hoping that once I get settled in Ms.Right will find me and we can start something new! (I want to forget about what happened back home!)

When The Love Is Gone part #3

“Kids, don’t forget your sunscreen!” Dad said. He then walked up to the side of the pool and splashed both of then with water. The kids react loudly about the temperature of the water. The kids wailed  “Stop, the water’s cold!” Dad the replied “Aw, it’s not that bad!” He then hands them the sunscreen.The kids hop out the pool,slather themselves from head to toe, and waited for their father’s approval. When they get it, they hop right back in. A game of catch starts in the pool-and Dad could see the children yelling and trying to get the ball. He goes to an an available seat(with an umbrella)and sits down.He pulls up another chair near him and places his feet in it. Then Dad just sighed and said to himself ” Let the kids have their fun in the water today!” His mind wasn’t completely on the kids, though. He had a lot to do to get settled in his new apartment. The only things he has in his apartment are his clothes,some dishes, and food. He had to figure out how he was going to furnish the apartment.Buying brand new furniture was out of the question! Dad was so caught up in his thinking that he didn’t notice that one of his kids was calling him. He went over to the side of the pool to see what the kids wanted. They immediately start in on their father when he reaches them. His daughter said ” Dad, I’m hungry!” His son whines “When can we get something to eat?”  Dad replied “But we just got here!” He looks at his watch-it’s 12:30!  ‘Wow, time sure flew by fast!” Dad exclaimed. His son laughed and asked “What were you doing over there?” The daughter giggled and said “It was like you left the planet for a few minutes!” Dad frowned and grumbled “Ha, Ha,very funny!” The kids immediately wipe the smiles of their faces. “Let’s go get something to eat!” Dad said. the kids climbed out the pool and ran to get their bags. Then they went back to where their father was-and they all left the pool area together. When they got outside Dad asked  “Are we done for today?” His son whined “It’s too hot outside now!” Dad then said “Let’s  go and get some of our favorite food-pizza! The kids start cheering loudly! Dad smiled and said to himself “I guess that’s a yes!” He then turned and headed towards the local pizza parlor.

Dear Friend

Remember when we used to be so reckless? We partied hard,experimented with some pills, and did things that would cause Mama to fall down in her grave.Sleep was something we thought we didn’t need. No one could tell us anything-we did what we wanted.Of course,we didn’t stop to think about the consequences of our actions. Hey, we couldn’t remember a lot of what we did! Life was just  was just passing us by and we took it for granted. Our wake-up call came one day when we were the cause of a wreck that killed innocent people. They died because of us! I couldn’t continue being the way we were because it HURT so much!  I did some time in a hospital because they thought I was crazy. Today, I was at a meeting to discuss my feelings. This was also part of my  sentence  for killing those people . It could have been a whole lot worse, but I had a great lawyer that helped me. I wish you were here with me-but,instead I’m stuck talking to a tombstone.  Sometimes I wish He took me with you so we could be tight like we used to be! (the friend kneels down and kisses the fresh grass over her grave and sobs quietly)

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