I’m Hurting part 2

The phone is ringing, waking me up from a night of tossing and turning. I reached over and answered it. It’s the police department-apparently they picked up my wacko date last night roaming the street mumbling incoherently. No one could understand him! The officer on the phone asked me if I wanted to press charges against him for stealing my car. After all I saw yesterday, all I could think about was him being attacked by all the hurt women in the world.I spent the night in my bed eating ice cream and hating him. He probably thought he was slick because of all he got away with!  I thought of him being treated like a witch in the old days. Then it hit me-is he suffering right now?

I asked how he was doing and they said not too good. Now I’m  smiling big -I just can’t help myself! I told the officer I’d let him know once I talk to him (wacko) and hung up. I got up and got myself ready to go down to the station. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there so I started walking the distance. When I arrived, they took me to where he was. I looked in and saw him crouched over holding his head. I said “Life just bit you in the behind, didn’t it?” A ll he did was groan and hold his head even tighter. I was enjoying seeing him suffer like this.  I started walking away from the door, turned back and said ” I see you’re suffering enough, so I’m not pressing charges.” I started walking towards the door again  and yelled (while walking) ” You stay out of my life and go get one of your own!” When I got to the exit I was thinking I’m a nice person-he should be glad he didn’t  end up with someone else. He might not have been so lucky then!


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