I’m Hurting!

I didn’t think I could love anyone after all I’ve been through. I’m tired, bloated  and I’m just ugly! Every time I walk past a mirror I cringe when I see my reflection. I really should be loving myself right about  now. Instead, I let my hormones think for me and  I ended up getting hurt. I let him walk all over me. When I saw him take money from my purse and leave  with another in  my car it hurt me deep in the core of my heart. That was a week ago!  He ignored my numerous phone calls.  I looked high and low for him-I even got the authorities involved. He stayed a step ahead of me every time I looked in a new place. The longer he  was gone the faster my self esteem crashed  back down to earth. Today marks the beginning of a new  week.

Should I stay here at home feeling sorry for myself, or should I just forget the whole thing and move on with my life? Well, staying here isn’t going to do much for me(and I could really use a shower). I think  I’ll take that shower and  go out and walk around the neighborhood. I hope no one sees my tears as I walk alone.  I’m walking farther and farther from the house with no real destination. After walking for a period of time I suddenly stop. Is that my car across the street from that  big restaurant? Is this what this wacko has been doing all this time?  I wonder if he’s still with whoever he took off with?  My spare  keys are in the car-darn! Well, he might have an advantage with this  being his word against mine,but let’s see how he gets home tonight! I will let the air out of all the tires and walk away. I hope the person with him hurts him like he hurt me! (and leaves him stranded) I ‘ll deal with him later – this isn’t over, though……

This is a story of a woman knocked down in the good times of her life-will she be able to pull herself away from what brought her down?


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