Trying to please her

I walked in the door a little earlier than usual.I was hoping no one would be home so I could wallow in my misery alone. I would have no such luck-my father was home. He saw me when I tried to sneak by him.He asked me why I was home so early,and I just couldn’t lie to him!  I told him the truth-I got into an argument with another co-worker. This worker had been pestering me for months! I really tried to ignore him! I guess he saw his words were having no effect on me and he hated that.The both of us got fired that day,him for his big mouth and me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.I begged him not to tell Mom-she would be so disappointed that I lost another job! Then I reminded him that it wasn’t like I deliberately got fired on purpose. I didn’t want to hear Mom complaining about me finding a place of my own again. He gave what I said some thought and told me as long as I went out  and tried to get a job he wouldn’t say anything to Mom. So now when I go out looking for another job, she thinks I’m still at my old one. She still says hello every morning and tells me how proud she is of me everyday. I use her bit of confidence to get me going every morning to find a new job. So far, Dad is keeping his promise-and I want another job so I can stop all the lies .


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