Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin

This is a book about two women who have known each other for a long time. One is pretty, outgoing,and gets all the attention. The other is someone who wishes she were more like her friend. The first woman is supposed to be getting married. But what she doesn’t know is that  her friend was seeing her future husband behind her back. While the first woman was planning her wedding the friend was there playing along,secretly wishing it were her. The friend and the groom were creative finding ways to see each other. At one point, an ultimatum was given and the groom took off, tail tucked between his legs. The friend tried to move on with her life-even started talking to other men, but it just wasn’t the same to her. One day the friend was on her way home and was surprised to see her love interest sitting and waiting. He called off the wedding! They had a reunion of sorts-and  they got a surprise visitor too! The former bride showed up unannounced and the man she was supposed to marry was in the apartment!  He quickly hid in a closet. She was upset and wanted to talk, so her friend let her talk. Turns out  the former groom to be wasn’t the only one cheating! All the friend cared about was that she was free to see him now. Yes, the groom got caught, and the two women aren’t friends anymore. At least somebody walks away happy after this !


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