A Bad Dream

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat and my heart racing. I had a weird nightmare that had me on a carousel ride with a friend. It was in the evening-after the sunset.  We were talking about nothing in particular-just what came to our minds. I noticed that there were no other riders except a miner who was dressed like he belonged in a cave digging. His head was spinning around in circles! The light on his hard hat shone brightly while his head spun. I closed my eyes and looked in a different direction. All of a sudden, it seemed like the ride began to pick up speed. I said to my friend “Is it just me, or are we going faster?” She turned to face me and made a hissing sound-then a whole lot of maggots,worms, and other insects began to come out of her face!  She then slumped forward and the insects began to move up her back. I screamed and began to slide closer to the other side of our seat.

The speed of the ride was still increasing. I looked down and saw the operator slumped in his chair as if he were asleep. With no remote control operator, who’s driving this ride? I began to panic and said ” God help me, I’ll be in an insane asylum after this!” There was no way for me to escape! Then I heard sounds of wood and metal breaking .The ride then took off towards the body of water a few feet away. Once the wheel got to the water, it fell over on its side. It was deep, but I was able to break free of all the debris. I ended up swimming toward dry land.  Once there, I looked around  to see if I could locate my friend. A chill went up my spine- the night was getting creepy by the second! Then I saw a shape approaching and I thought it was my friend. I ran to her and gave her a hug-and got no response. I stepped back and saw her face was even worse than before!  She grabbed my neck and started squeezing. My struggles only made her squeeze harder!  I began to lose consciousness……

Then the alarm clock went off and scared me to death! That will teach me not to eat before going to bed!


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