The Bear Family

The Bear Family arrived home after a long day of school and work. Papa Bear was the first to walk inside and headed straight for his favorite chair. He picked up his cigar pipe,lit it, and began puffing on it. Then he picked up the remote, turned the television on and  watched  old reruns.  Mama bear was next-she went straight to the kitchen to fix the family dinner. The three sister bears came next and they all went upstairs to their rooms. They discussed the days events(boys) on the way to their rooms. Less than fifteen minutes later three distinct screams  are heard throughout the house. Mama Bear and Papa Bear came running upstairs to see what the fuss was about. They stopped in the first room and saw the oldest bear looking at a pile of clothes on her floor. “Someone has been messing with my clothes!” she wailed.  The parents and the oldest sister moved to the next room-and saw the middle bear sitting on a chair going through her make  up. The middle bear looked up at them and said “Someone has been using my lipstick!”

The parents and two of the sister bears went on to the final room where they saw the younger bear looking near her shoe collection. She looked up at the rest of the family and whispered “Someone has been playing with my shoes!”  Little bear went  near the closet saw someone and yelled “And here she is!” There was a small girl sleeping amongst all the shoes. She woke up to the entire Bear family staring curiously at her.  The girl got up and the family backed away slowly. The girl slowly made her way past the family without taking her eyes off them. When she got close enough, she made a break for the door and ran out the room.She flew down the stairs and out the door. The Bear Family scratched their heads in confusion and  they went to go eat dinner. The girl was the hot topic of discussion at the table. The family never saw her again.


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