Beautiful To Me

I never used to pay attention to this before, but this year’s going to be  different . My family goes out every Spring to work on the garden. They would spend a lot of time out there getting the area ready to plant seeds.They’ve planted watermelon and tomatoes and other foods.I wish I knew something about gardening! The beautiful picture comes later, after the food has been harvested(picked) from the ground and small trees.Fresh fruit arrangements will be popular once it really starts to get hot! Cut up peaches, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon,and cherries arranged together will  look so tempting!  They work great for special events too. Vegetables are good too, but I don’t think it’s the same as fruit. They can also be cut up and arranged on a platter with dip.I have to admit, it still can look nice ! I do eat some veggies raw with a little dressing on the side.The best thing about a garden is that it’s time saving-no more long periods of time over a hot stove! I wish I had a picture to really show what I’m trying to describe here!


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