My class ended and I am on my way to the lunchroom. I am so hungry and there’s pizza today! I get to the lunchroom, buy my pizza, and look around for my friend. After a few seconds, I saw her, but she wasn’t looking very happy at all. I walked up to the table and sat down. “Hey!” I say to her “Hello.” she says wearily. Concerned, I asked if she was okay. All I got in return is an unconvincing smile and a loud “Yes, I’m okay!”in return. I said ” If there’s something wrong, you can tell me-I’m your friend!” My friend looks at me after hearing and says “My father got offered a higher paying job and he took it.” She takes a deep breath, exhales and adds ” I will not be returning to this school in the fall.” Upon hearing this, my mouth just drops. My best friend looks at me for a few seconds and said “We’ll only be moving across town-it’s not the end of the world!” After a couple of seconds I was able to speak again. “Well, at least you’re not moving to another country!” I managed to say.My friend reached in her bag and pulled out two chains with 1/2 a heart on them. She says proudly “Wear this- we’ll be connected always!” I smiled  and accepted the chain. I looked at my friend and said “Promise me you won’t forget about me while you are at your new school.”  She immediately responds with “I promise!” We both look at each other after that and laugh.  The bell rings, and lunch is over. We both get up from our table and walk towards the door. On the way I say “Get ready-because we have a lot to do before the end of the school together”  My friend responds “Friends forever!” We walk out the door laughing and head to our next class.


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