Take a peek at my picture representing my blog and I. Imagine I just had a makeover. Try to see me in the way I describe myself here. First, I’m going to describe my hair. Imagine it’s braided with a lighter brown color mixed in. Some of my hair is up in a loose, curly ponytail and some of it is curls going down my back. I’m not wearing much make-up. I just have on a little bronzer and a dark color lipstick,nothing more. I used some eye makeup to bring out my eyes more. I’m wearing a white blouse that buttons down in the front. I also have on an almost conservative black skirt. I couldn’t decide on the white sandals or the black ones that both have laces I can fix around my legs. In the end I choose the back ones. To top it all off, I have on a heart necklace- I can place a picture of someone I love in it ( like my puppy). I’m not a person who smiles big but this time my smile is brighter than usual. Remember the picture I told you about in the beginning? I’m smiling  about three times brighter than it!  I’m carrying a black purse to finish the look. What do you think ?

BTW-There’s another post I did that I thought was for this week called” I won the Lottery” please take a minute to check it out-thanks! (just mixed up)


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