I Won The Lottery!

It was 8:30 in the morning. I had just returned from the store where I bought four scratch off lottery tickets and some thing to drink. I was unhappy because I recently had to send my children to live with my mother because of my lack of money.I sat down at my kitchen table and opened up my drink and drank some, Then got the lottery tickets out . They were in my bag in a small pocket. As I scratched the first one, I began to imagine things that I could do for my kids. I thought about buying new clothes for all of  them-but was disappointed when I didn’t win any money from it. I put down the first ticket and went for the second one and started scratching. Then I started thinking about catching up on my bills so my family can do more together. We love to go out for pizza,but we haven’t been able to due to lack of funds. I also thought about the bills from when I tried to go to school. I wouldn’t mind the chance to pay everything off so I can go back. My hopes were high with this ticket as I had already scratched off two matching spots on the card. I held my breath as I scratched off the last spot-only to be disappointed again with no money reward. I took another big swallow of my drink and said “Third time’s the charm!” I went to work scratching on the third one after that. My biggest dream would be to buy a brand new car and get rid of the old one. The old car I have now is a gas guzzler and has been put in the shop every two months because something needs to be fixed! I wouldn’t have to worry about that and I especially wouldn’t have to worry about car payments! This ticket has gotten me two five hundred dollar spots. As I was scratching off the last spot I was ready to accept this amount-and crossed my fingers. After scratching  at the last spot for what seemed like forever, I got my wish. Five hundred dollars to put in my pocket! I sat there at the table, feeling a mix of happiness and sadness. Some tears started to fall down my face.I want my kids back with me! I said a prayer to God to help me get past this trying time so my kids and I can be a family again!  Then I got up, dried my tears, and got ready to take the winning ticket and cash it in. As I walked out the door, I got to thinking that I never had to rely on Lady Luck before today.Now that I have this winning ticket, I know I can rely on her sometimes when I need some fast cash. I can’t afford to make it a habit, though.


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