The Me That was…..

When I was younger, I was quiet. I only had something to say if someone said something to me.What friends I had I met thru my sisters.I loved to read when I was younger. I used to just make up stories on paper for enjoyment! I wrote about whatever came to my young mind  back then.  I was what was known as a dreamer  then. Time went on, and I got older-but I still met my friends thru my sisters.In some ways I’m still quiet.I love reading to this day! The writing thing faded for a little while, but now the desire is coming back with a vengeance! So here I am now,trying to make something of this whole thing. I didn’t know all these big words that I’m learning now! There are a lot of words,too! I could sit here and dream about the things I can do with writing, but I still have along way to go. I plan to just keep dreaming-and maybe,just maybe……. my dreams will come true for me and my kids future won’t look so gloomy!


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