The bank manager arrived to start a new day at the local bank. He greeted a security guard on his way to his office- but the officer stopped him and told him he had something to show him( he was inches from his office). The manager sighed and sat down to see what was going on. On the security tape were two employees in the safe where money was deposited for a charity to help young children. They were acting silly at first, but then they got real close on camera. It went on for about an hour! After they were finished, they both got up and fixed themselves up. They both took a stack of cash from the safe before stepping outside the safe. One o.f the employees then closed the door and locked the safe. They both walked away like nothing happened after that. The ironic thing about this was that they both worked with charities for needy young children as well!

The bank manager thanked the security guard and went to check yesterday’s records. Sure enough,there was money missing! The bank manager went into a state of shock for a few seconds-he couldn’t believe that this was happening! He got to thinking how much of a scandal it would be if word got out about this. With a heavy heart, he went to confront the two employees about their activities. The manager gave them both the chance to explain themselves. After having listened to what they had to say, he decided the best course of action was to either let them go quietly and nothing would happen to them. If they refused, then the manager would have no choice but to contact authorities and risk word getting out about the employees. When offered  the two options both employees chose to leave quietly. The manager was relieved they chose to leave. The bank sure didn’t need that kind of attention anyway! The missing money was replaced quietly and life went on as if nothing happened at all.


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