twilight-Stephenie Meyer

I decided that I was getting too caught up in the writing part of this. I grabbed another book to read instead. I wanted to try something new and I think l found just the thing! In this installment we have Edward and Bella.This book is the first in the series.  Bella moved here from Phoenix to Forks, Washington. They met up in school and started to get to know each other.Everywhere Bella went, there was Edward. Some other person told her about things heard about Edward and family which turned out to be true. That didn’t stop then from getting to know each other more. Bella learned about how Edward survived(how he ate),and how he kept calm and slowly they started falling in love.They went places together.  He was very protective of her!  She met people just like him, but they were people who couldn’t control themselves and tried to go after Bella. Edward and his friends had to protect her at all costs.She got tricked by one of the hunters at her mother’s house and was held captive. Bella’s leg was broken and the hunter bit her hand and some other injuries. The others were able to find her and get her medical attention. Edward sucked the venom out of her hand. Bella needed a lot of rest after that. It is unclear if she automatically became one of them in the end


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