I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Wow! This one was entertaining! It’s about a woman named Poppy who loses her wedding ring and all the trouble she has trying to find it. Magnus is the man she is supposed to marry. Along the way,her phone is stolen and she has no way of keeping in touch with her friends who are helping her look for it. She gets lucky and finds a phone in a trash can and starts using it to continue her search for her ring. In comes Sam, the owner of the phone, wondering why she even has the phone in the first place. They make an agreement to help each other out (forwarding his messages) after Poppy begs him to let her use the phone.This is where the games begin with all the crazy messages coming in and Poppy forwarding them to him. She made a few mistakes along the way. She still was able to continue looking for the ring and even went so far as to get a copy of one to throw everyone off. She gets the ring back later from her wedding planner who claims it got caught on something.Every thing went on as planned until Sam pointed out a pattern in the calls received  from the wedding planner and her future husband Magnus. Turns out they were meeting up behind Poppy’s back and doing sinful things with the man she was supposed to marry. There were others as well. Magnus just wasn’t ready to make a commitment to anyone and that caused the end of him and Poppy. With all the things that were going on regarding the use of the phone it seemed to draw Poppy and Sam together. Everybody’s phone started getting messages from Sam to stop the wedding and it was revealed how they really felt about each other. No, Sam didn’t marry Poppy, but they went off into the sunset to live happily ever after (like a fairy tale)


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