I’m Hurting part 2

The phone is ringing, waking me up from a night of tossing and turning. I reached over and answered it. It’s the police department-apparently they picked up my wacko date last night roaming the street mumbling incoherently. No one could understand him! The officer on the phone asked me if I wanted to press charges against him for stealing my car. After all I saw yesterday, all I could think about was him being attacked by all the hurt women in the world.I spent the night in my bed eating ice cream and hating him. He probably thought he was slick because of all he got away with!  I thought of him being treated like a witch in the old days. Then it hit me-is he suffering right now?

I asked how he was doing and they said not too good. Now I’m  smiling big -I just can’t help myself! I told the officer I’d let him know once I talk to him (wacko) and hung up. I got up and got myself ready to go down to the station. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there so I started walking the distance. When I arrived, they took me to where he was. I looked in and saw him crouched over holding his head. I said “Life just bit you in the behind, didn’t it?” A ll he did was groan and hold his head even tighter. I was enjoying seeing him suffer like this.  I started walking away from the door, turned back and said ” I see you’re suffering enough, so I’m not pressing charges.” I started walking towards the door again  and yelled (while walking) ” You stay out of my life and go get one of your own!” When I got to the exit I was thinking I’m a nice person-he should be glad he didn’t  end up with someone else. He might not have been so lucky then!


I’m Hurting!

I didn’t think I could love anyone after all I’ve been through. I’m tired, bloated  and I’m just ugly! Every time I walk past a mirror I cringe when I see my reflection. I really should be loving myself right about  now. Instead, I let my hormones think for me and  I ended up getting hurt. I let him walk all over me. When I saw him take money from my purse and leave  with another in  my car it hurt me deep in the core of my heart. That was a week ago!  He ignored my numerous phone calls.  I looked high and low for him-I even got the authorities involved. He stayed a step ahead of me every time I looked in a new place. The longer he  was gone the faster my self esteem crashed  back down to earth. Today marks the beginning of a new  week.

Should I stay here at home feeling sorry for myself, or should I just forget the whole thing and move on with my life? Well, staying here isn’t going to do much for me(and I could really use a shower). I think  I’ll take that shower and  go out and walk around the neighborhood. I hope no one sees my tears as I walk alone.  I’m walking farther and farther from the house with no real destination. After walking for a period of time I suddenly stop. Is that my car across the street from that  big restaurant? Is this what this wacko has been doing all this time?  I wonder if he’s still with whoever he took off with?  My spare  keys are in the car-darn! Well, he might have an advantage with this  being his word against mine,but let’s see how he gets home tonight! I will let the air out of all the tires and walk away. I hope the person with him hurts him like he hurt me! (and leaves him stranded) I ‘ll deal with him later – this isn’t over, though……

This is a story of a woman knocked down in the good times of her life-will she be able to pull herself away from what brought her down?

Trying to please her

I walked in the door a little earlier than usual.I was hoping no one would be home so I could wallow in my misery alone. I would have no such luck-my father was home. He saw me when I tried to sneak by him.He asked me why I was home so early,and I just couldn’t lie to him!  I told him the truth-I got into an argument with another co-worker. This worker had been pestering me for months! I really tried to ignore him! I guess he saw his words were having no effect on me and he hated that.The both of us got fired that day,him for his big mouth and me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.I begged him not to tell Mom-she would be so disappointed that I lost another job! Then I reminded him that it wasn’t like I deliberately got fired on purpose. I didn’t want to hear Mom complaining about me finding a place of my own again. He gave what I said some thought and told me as long as I went out  and tried to get a job he wouldn’t say anything to Mom. So now when I go out looking for another job, she thinks I’m still at my old one. She still says hello every morning and tells me how proud she is of me everyday. I use her bit of confidence to get me going every morning to find a new job. So far, Dad is keeping his promise-and I want another job so I can stop all the lies .

Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin

This is a book about two women who have known each other for a long time. One is pretty, outgoing,and gets all the attention. The other is someone who wishes she were more like her friend. The first woman is supposed to be getting married. But what she doesn’t know is that  her friend was seeing her future husband behind her back. While the first woman was planning her wedding the friend was there playing along,secretly wishing it were her. The friend and the groom were creative finding ways to see each other. At one point, an ultimatum was given and the groom took off, tail tucked between his legs. The friend tried to move on with her life-even started talking to other men, but it just wasn’t the same to her. One day the friend was on her way home and was surprised to see her love interest sitting and waiting. He called off the wedding! They had a reunion of sorts-and  they got a surprise visitor too! The former bride showed up unannounced and the man she was supposed to marry was in the apartment!  He quickly hid in a closet. She was upset and wanted to talk, so her friend let her talk. Turns out  the former groom to be wasn’t the only one cheating! All the friend cared about was that she was free to see him now. Yes, the groom got caught, and the two women aren’t friends anymore. At least somebody walks away happy after this !

A Bad Dream

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat and my heart racing. I had a weird nightmare that had me on a carousel ride with a friend. It was in the evening-after the sunset.  We were talking about nothing in particular-just what came to our minds. I noticed that there were no other riders except a miner who was dressed like he belonged in a cave digging. His head was spinning around in circles! The light on his hard hat shone brightly while his head spun. I closed my eyes and looked in a different direction. All of a sudden, it seemed like the ride began to pick up speed. I said to my friend “Is it just me, or are we going faster?” She turned to face me and made a hissing sound-then a whole lot of maggots,worms, and other insects began to come out of her face!  She then slumped forward and the insects began to move up her back. I screamed and began to slide closer to the other side of our seat.

The speed of the ride was still increasing. I looked down and saw the operator slumped in his chair as if he were asleep. With no remote control operator, who’s driving this ride? I began to panic and said ” God help me, I’ll be in an insane asylum after this!” There was no way for me to escape! Then I heard sounds of wood and metal breaking .The ride then took off towards the body of water a few feet away. Once the wheel got to the water, it fell over on its side. It was deep, but I was able to break free of all the debris. I ended up swimming toward dry land.  Once there, I looked around  to see if I could locate my friend. A chill went up my spine- the night was getting creepy by the second! Then I saw a shape approaching and I thought it was my friend. I ran to her and gave her a hug-and got no response. I stepped back and saw her face was even worse than before!  She grabbed my neck and started squeezing. My struggles only made her squeeze harder!  I began to lose consciousness……

Then the alarm clock went off and scared me to death! That will teach me not to eat before going to bed!

The Bear Family

The Bear Family arrived home after a long day of school and work. Papa Bear was the first to walk inside and headed straight for his favorite chair. He picked up his cigar pipe,lit it, and began puffing on it. Then he picked up the remote, turned the television on and  watched  old reruns.  Mama bear was next-she went straight to the kitchen to fix the family dinner. The three sister bears came next and they all went upstairs to their rooms. They discussed the days events(boys) on the way to their rooms. Less than fifteen minutes later three distinct screams  are heard throughout the house. Mama Bear and Papa Bear came running upstairs to see what the fuss was about. They stopped in the first room and saw the oldest bear looking at a pile of clothes on her floor. “Someone has been messing with my clothes!” she wailed.  The parents and the oldest sister moved to the next room-and saw the middle bear sitting on a chair going through her make  up. The middle bear looked up at them and said “Someone has been using my lipstick!”

The parents and two of the sister bears went on to the final room where they saw the younger bear looking near her shoe collection. She looked up at the rest of the family and whispered “Someone has been playing with my shoes!”  Little bear went  near the closet saw someone and yelled “And here she is!” There was a small girl sleeping amongst all the shoes. She woke up to the entire Bear family staring curiously at her.  The girl got up and the family backed away slowly. The girl slowly made her way past the family without taking her eyes off them. When she got close enough, she made a break for the door and ran out the room.She flew down the stairs and out the door. The Bear Family scratched their heads in confusion and  they went to go eat dinner. The girl was the hot topic of discussion at the table. The family never saw her again.

Beautiful To Me

I never used to pay attention to this before, but this year’s going to be  different . My family goes out every Spring to work on the garden. They would spend a lot of time out there getting the area ready to plant seeds.They’ve planted watermelon and tomatoes and other foods.I wish I knew something about gardening! The beautiful picture comes later, after the food has been harvested(picked) from the ground and small trees.Fresh fruit arrangements will be popular once it really starts to get hot! Cut up peaches, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon,and cherries arranged together will  look so tempting!  They work great for special events too. Vegetables are good too, but I don’t think it’s the same as fruit. They can also be cut up and arranged on a platter with dip.I have to admit, it still can look nice ! I do eat some veggies raw with a little dressing on the side.The best thing about a garden is that it’s time saving-no more long periods of time over a hot stove! I wish I had a picture to really show what I’m trying to describe here!

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