interesting character

After thinking about this from last night  I’ve decided to write about a character on a well known cartoon.The show is called Dragon Ball Z Kai.The character’s  name is Vegeta. Starting out he was evil and all he wanted was power and immortality. He didn’t want to answer to anybody! The power came in the form of seven dragon balls. Everybody wanted them! In all the battles he was with the bad guys he never seemed to know when to quit. He was just too power hungry.Eventually,he started fighting for the other team-he had no choice-it was fight or die.We’d think that he’d change for good but then his evil side would come through again. He looked like he could coexist after a while, but then he and his team were ambushed by a supreme ruler. All he could think about was getting immortality! He still fought on the good side-what choice did he have? In the end his thirst to be the supreme ruler led to his death. Vegeta just took on too much and he died trying to fight the enemy by himself. Well, that’s what it seemed like-the others just didn’t  have power like the supreme ruler.  This battle was eventually won by the good guys.  All the people lost during the battle were brought back with the dragon balls, including Vegeta. He was stubborn, maybe still a little power hungry, but he fought on the side of good anyway. This is how I feel my life has been going- like I was given a second chance on life. There were things that I didn’t know about life,and there were people trying to tell me how to live my life. I didn’t like that, and I fought back for a little bit, but I was able to come to my senses before something bad happened. I still have my dignity and my life (literally)and it’s time to move on!


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