Rain can be best described in three categories:

1 . After a long hot day, I can go out in it to cool off. It’s like a small to medium amount and there’s a slight breeze. I can do a dance in circles with my arms up,it’s so nice! When It stops,I look for the rainbow up in the sky-just makes times like this even better!

2. It’s windy outside, rainfall is heavier and the skies are grey. I still can go out but I don’t like it because it’s depressing and muddy like there’s dog mess that I could step into.

3.Scary when the skies are black, tree branches will fall  and everything gets blown away, I can hear the thunder and the lightning strikes the ground outside.When I was younger, kids used to purposely go out in this type of weather.I didn’t live where I do now,however. This type of weather just makes me nervous-so I have to do things to keep calm sometimes.


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