strange mail

Today I was sitting in my kitchen drinking my morning cup of coffee. I was also reading the paper I got from out doors when the kids left to catch the bus. I got through half of it when I decided to go out to see if I had any mail in my mailbox. I was expecting a response from publishers about my story I sent in earlier. When I got to the box, I opened the door and saw an envelope sealed with tape and no address on it.I got very nervous and just stood there for about 5 minutes wondering what to do. I went back inside and got some gloves and went back out to the mailbox. After putting them on,I took the envelope out of the box and carried it inside.I went into my kitchen and dropped it on my table. I thought to myself “It sure isn’t light-what is in this thing?”  There was no signs of  any kind of residue on it either. After about a half hour of just standing there,I decided to call my friend for  some advice. I knew she’d be at home because her kids go to the same school mine do. I picked up the phone and dialed her number.Sure enough, after the second ring she picked up. I then launched into my story about the strange envelope and asked what she thought. First thing she said was fro me to call the authorities. I was scared of making a fool out of myself over nothing, so I was hesitant to call. I thanked her for her advice and hung up.After about an hour of making up every excuse not to call anyone I finally gave up and called. It didn’t take too long for them to show up.I explained the situation with the envelope and how I found it in my mailbox. They got all serious and told me to let them do their work. I backed off and let them find out what was going on. They had a whole bunch of equipment that made it look like they were doing an experiment. After about fifteen minutes of poking and prodding they were ready to open the envelope. The tape was peeled off the envelope and they took a look inside. They pulled out some papers and an envelope and they showed me what was found inside. While I was looking through the papers they opened the small envelope and found a wad of cash inside.Turns out that I made a big deal out of nothing! There was the story I wrote and another rejection letter from a man who felt sorry for me and took it upon himself to give me the cash to help me out. There was also a request for a date which I never responded to. I was a mixture of sad and happy after that. The people I called into help me just looked at me and said no apologies needed.  I thanked the authorities for their help and they left talking about the big amount of cash in the envelope. I would have rather gotten news that I was going to publish my first book, but I see this pity as God’s way of showing me that He was watching over me. Prayer and believing in my self are the ticket to success!


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