This happens when I try something for the first time. It could be me trying to write so I can one day have my first publication.With all the experienced people out there and the fact that I don’t know enough just makes me doubt myself even more! How about when I meet someone for the first time? It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. I usually have the problem of striking up a conversation. The other person would have to say something to kind of break the ice. Watch out if it’s a guy that wants a date or something! Then I hyperventilate tying to get a word in the conversation. I usually get weird looks afterward and no date is made. Then one day I realize that I need to stop paying attention to what everyone thinks. I might not be raking in money yet,but that’s okay! Getting advice from others can be a step in the right direction. My work gets better as I learn new things! Meeting new people can be interesting, but my life can’t be centered around what others think of me! Who cares if my butt’s too big or my stomach is bloated? I’ll have to start  thinking positively about my self or I’ll end up stuck somewhere I don’t want to be at this point in my life!


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