don’t be such a tease-challenge#3

I’ve decided not to go along with how this reading challenge is set up this time! But I will let you know that I am having a ball reading a part in this book The Help by Katherine Stockett. It’s about an employee who has hired help without telling her husband. She wants to look good for him so she’s also getting cooking lessons as well! It was very entertaining! You’d have to be reading this book to understand what I’m talking about. I guess I don’t get the prize this week, but that’s okay! I’m having a good time anyway! Until the next challenge!

P.S.- This turned out to be a great book! I thought it was just how life(getting a job) was back in the day.  The story got even better when it appeared that they were pushing their luck over a book ment to show exactly how it was. Turned out well for most of the people involved.(few lost their jobs). If you thought today’s world is bad, then you should check out this book!


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