would you rather stay or go?

                                           Well, this is an easy question! Of course I’d rather go! Life is just too short to be sitting around doing nothing. The thought of me doing that doesn’t make me feel good either. I’ve been through a lot these past couple of years and I don’t want to end up old and still sitting here! I know I can still do things (like blogging) and I’m going to keep working hard  at it! I want to be ready when opportunity knocks at my door. More importantly, I want to remain healthy too. That’s why I always make some time for fitness. Staying put won’t help me any-keeping active will. It’s a 50-50 situation-if I don’t do enough on one side, the other side will suffer. Too much of staying put can lead to eventual slide into depression. It’s bad enough there’s not much to do around here, but if you let yourself get this far it won’t be easy to snap out of it. One more thing before I go- get outdoors! Now that the weather is starting to be nice to us we need to get out more. After a while it’ll get too hot and the only option left will be to stay indoors. Thank goodness for air conditioning! I can leave early during the day and spend time in a cool area with familiar people.

this looks like fun!

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