Maine-The Best Laid Plans

                                       In this story  there are two main characters-Louisa and Peter. The story starts out with Louisa finding out that she was adopted and her mother died in child birth. She was really preoccupied with that idea . She told Peter, who did not seem to care-he loved her regardless. Then later on he proposed and Louisa said yes. They were both so happy-and then all of a sudden Peter just takes off with out telling Louisa why.He got word that his best friend was in trouble. Louisa got mad and spent some time pouting about it. Somehow the other family members convinced her that he would be back. They were able to write to each other so Louisa would know what was going on(the law thought his friend killed another man). She started getting tired of just letters alone. She thought she was interested in another, but he turned out to be too demanding. Louisa wrote and told him that and he went nuts! After it was revealed that his friend didn’t kill anyone after all he rushed back to Louisa. They had their tearful reunion in a church and later on they finally got married in front of family and friends.


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