One Day by David Nicholls

                                           This is the story of Dexter and Emma who meet up once and can’t stop thinking about each other.Emma was a hard working type,involved in plays and writing. She also had job at a restaurant where she was later promoted to manager. Dexter was a guy with no real job opportunity for a while. Then he landed a show that aired at night. He was all about sleeping with other women all the time. He seemed to have a problem with drinking as well. Emma tried to keep it under control. There was just 1 problem- they couldn’t stop thinking about each other! Letters would be written back and forth just to see what’s hapenning in each other’s lives. The story would go back and forth between the two of them so the reader can keep up with what’s going on. There was more of Dexter drunk with another woman more than anything else. Emma had her times where she would meet new people and actually have dates with them. Eventually, Dexter lost his job and things started getting out of control for him. He drank more than before and did things with whomever until he finally got tired of how he was acting. He meets a new woman who he later marries and had a daughter-the marriage just ended up being a source of his anxiety. I was pleased to know that she was okay in the end!  But like I said before, they couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Dexter’s marriage ended and Emma was no longer interested in anyone. They finally decide to try once again and they end up getting married. Tragically, Emma was killed in an accident. It seemed like all was well. (talk of babies) In the end there are memories of her and we meet the new woman in his life(past two months).


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