Maine #2 A Time To Love

                                      In this installment we have Robert and Emily’s relationship.Robert was a pastor who got sent to Pennsylvania to help develop a new church and get people to go. Emily was a student at Colby college (she had just returned after a death in the family) and she didn’t want him to go . This is the story of what went on when Robert left. Before he left Emily’s sister had her baby and Fredric and Sarah got married. He left after that and they wrote letters back and forth to let each other know what’s happening. Emily went back to school and worked hard to try to keep her mind off Robert. Robert met the family that he stayed with and he got to know the family well. Then he went out to meet up with some people who weren’t having a good time and tried to convince them to come to church. Two of the most memorable moments was when Robert met a woman who was unhappy because her husband died in the war and left her all alone with kids. He also met another man who wanted nothing to do with going to church and ran him off with a shotgun. It was later discovered that the source of his unhappiness was his wife being sick. He was so scared of losing her that he didn’t want anyone touching her. In the end, she died because he waited too long to get her medical assistance. His wife’s death broke his heart and he took his own life soon after.
                                         Meanwhile, back in Maine Emily kept up with her studies. She and her friend Louisa liked a teacher that taught Shakespeare. Louisa went out with him a few times only to find out later that he had someone else. It killed her to see that and it affected her ability to concentrate on her studies. She left after a while, heartbroken. Emily had been keeping up on the letters that she and Robert had been writing back and forth. The next one she got was him telling her that he was coming to see her for Christmas. She was so happy! Two whole weeks with her true love! When Robert arrived in Maine he brought back with him a man who lost his memory from an injury during the war. Robert wanted to help him any way he could. When he introduced John to the family, they were overjoyed! It turns out John really was actually Sam, believed to have been killed in the war. It really was a joyous occaision! Robert also proposed to Emily and the wedding was set for after his return.
                                             Time flew by fast and then Robert had to go back to Pennsylvania. Emily and her love tearfully parted with the happy thoughts of an upcoming wedding. Life went back to business as usual,he doing his work for the new church and she completing her schoolwork. Emily begun to took forward to finally settling down with Robert ,but at the last minute the replacement pastor got sick. Robert wanted to stay and help them out and told Emily so. He also wanted her to move to where he was. That made her mad and she called off the wedding. She spent the next few days talking about it like he ran off with another woman! But in the end, she realized she was acting like a spoiled brat and decided to go through with the wedding and move with him to Pennsylvania.


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