Maine – A Haven Of Peace

                                                The above book is divided into three parts and this is going to be part one. This story is about a man (Fredric) who fought in a war and was injured in battle. He was discharged after that. He returned home hoping that the love of his life was still waiting for him. They were supposed to be getting married.  Instead, he finds out that she ran off with another man when she hears about his injury in the war. Finding this out crushed Fredric and he had a hard time with others because of it. His family were walking on eggshells around him after what happened-and they were afraid to tell him that one of his sisters was also getting married as well. He was able to handle the news, thankfully. He had a problem with going anywhere- he just wanted to stay home and work outside while his mind was filled with thoughts of his ex. Fredric didn’t think he’d see her again, but one day they ran into each other and he couldn’t handle it. Apparently she was still in love with him after all. Fredric went and talked to the the guy she ran off with and somehow he got things working for them again. He never really got close to any woman after that, but he did notice that he was having some weird feelings for his ex’s younger sister. He wanted no parts of her because she was too young. After a while even that wasn’t keeping him from feeling the way he did about her!  Life went on for Fredric somehow. Then tragedy struck-his beloved aunt passed away .(pneumonia) His sister was living with her in order to attend school when this happened. The house was supposed to go to her and the three siblings were also supposed to get money too.  They all get the shock of their lives when it is revealed there was another child (a son) from a previous relationship. Apparently their uncle changed his will  at the last second and left everything to him. The family decided that they were going to be nice to him anyway. Fredric even helped him get a job!  These feelings he had for a special someone  just got stronger until he decided to act on them. Fredric built a cabin for his new love-his ex’s little sister. He led her to the cabin where he proposed and she accepted. (I was dissappointed that there was no wedding to read about in the end)


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