Lucky Break by Esther Freud

                                     This book is about the tough world of acting-starting out from drama school. There are three central characters in this book. Nell-the quiet,shy, plain type of girl.  Then there’s Charlie, the African American beauty who has the good personality to go with her looks. She was thought to be one who could be highly successful. Finally, there’s Dan-the serious type about everything!(including his girlfriend Jemma) They start out by auditioning to get into the school. Then they have acting lessons and dance lessons. It was survival of the fittest attending that school. Two years go by without incident, but before the third year a lot of people were asked to leave (Nell and Jemma). Dan almost left, but the school had to talk him into staying.

                                        The second part of this book is about the the central characters on their own. Charlie was a hit right from day one. Offers for her came from everywhere! There was no rest for her at all! Nell didn’t have a easy time at first, but then she got lucky and landed a part. Then she got a new agent and nothing came for her for a while. She got frustrated and found out about another agent who at first didn’t have much for her either. Then she went away for a while only to be called back for a role that was in Russia. Dan was okay, but he kept worrying about the kids and Jemma a lot when he went through scripts. He loved his family very much!  Charlie started having problems after a while and started losing confidence in herself. Nell, on the other hand, was getting more and more confident by the day. It was a big difference from when they first started out!(at least they kept in touch) Dan was still Dan-but his love for his family played a major role in the parts he chose. In the end , the story got a different ending. The person who was believed to be success ful in the end didn’t turn out that way.Instead of all eyes on Charlie it was Nell all the way! She was the guest of honor at a gala for her and some other actors.  Having friends from school around just made it better for her.


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