interesting character

After thinking about this from last night  I’ve decided to write about a character on a well known cartoon.The show is called Dragon Ball Z Kai.The character’s  name is Vegeta. Starting out he was evil and all he wanted was power and immortality. He didn’t want to answer to anybody! The power came in the form of seven dragon balls. Everybody wanted them! In all the battles he was with the bad guys he never seemed to know when to quit. He was just too power hungry.Eventually,he started fighting for the other team-he had no choice-it was fight or die.We’d think that he’d change for good but then his evil side would come through again. He looked like he could coexist after a while, but then he and his team were ambushed by a supreme ruler. All he could think about was getting immortality! He still fought on the good side-what choice did he have? In the end his thirst to be the supreme ruler led to his death. Vegeta just took on too much and he died trying to fight the enemy by himself. Well, that’s what it seemed like-the others just didn’t  have power like the supreme ruler.  This battle was eventually won by the good guys.  All the people lost during the battle were brought back with the dragon balls, including Vegeta. He was stubborn, maybe still a little power hungry, but he fought on the side of good anyway. This is how I feel my life has been going- like I was given a second chance on life. There were things that I didn’t know about life,and there were people trying to tell me how to live my life. I didn’t like that, and I fought back for a little bit, but I was able to come to my senses before something bad happened. I still have my dignity and my life (literally)and it’s time to move on!


years later-My Idea of the Joyce Carol Oats story

I had a rough night last night. I hardly got any sleep at all.The dreams are still coming even though they gave me medication to help me sleep. The doctor said that the pills weren’t going to work right away- I guess they need to build up in my system. I think I may go nuts before the drugs start to kick in like the doctor said. I have been doing other things too, to try and keep my mind off those days. I have been running a lot. Sometimes I run for too long and my feet start to hurt. I’m just trying to chase the demons away! I have been going to group therapy, but I am unable to say anything.I’m afraid something is going to happen if I talk. I hope with prayer that I’ll eventually get better. I want to shake this cloud hanging over my head and get the sun shining like it used to. What happened to me was not my fault. I’m angry- so angry with myself for believing that it is! Will everybody hate me if I start talking about what happened to me?

review challenge #4 mysterious meet up.

I’m in the middle of reading I Am No One You Know by Joyce Carol Oates. This book is a collection of stories-I have a favorite called  The Girl With the Blackened Eye where a woman relives being attacked at age 14 and held captive for eight days. She was eventually rescued-but I want to know how she was able to stand seeing another person suffer like her. I also want to know now that she’s older, how does she handle herself? Does she have nightmares? Is she able to have a social life with all the scars on her physically and mentally? I would hope if she had a daughter she would warn her about the dangers of things like this happening to young girls everywhere!


Rain can be best described in three categories:

1 . After a long hot day, I can go out in it to cool off. It’s like a small to medium amount and there’s a slight breeze. I can do a dance in circles with my arms up,it’s so nice! When It stops,I look for the rainbow up in the sky-just makes times like this even better!

2. It’s windy outside, rainfall is heavier and the skies are grey. I still can go out but I don’t like it because it’s depressing and muddy like there’s dog mess that I could step into.

3.Scary when the skies are black, tree branches will fall  and everything gets blown away, I can hear the thunder and the lightning strikes the ground outside.When I was younger, kids used to purposely go out in this type of weather.I didn’t live where I do now,however. This type of weather just makes me nervous-so I have to do things to keep calm sometimes.


After the two newly weds finish their dinner they decide to go out for a walk on the sandy shores. The temperature outside is slightly warm ,but when they get closer to the water they start to cool off. They  decide to get their feet wet and start running around in the water,splashing each other like little schoolkids. Then they decide to run closer to the house and collapse in the sand there.Both look up into the moonlit sky and see plenty of stars to make a wish on. They both look at each other and say at the same time “To many more years of marital bliss!” Then they look at each other and start laughing! They spend some time after that talking life in general. The conversation stalls,and the bride and groom fall silent. No one could hear a thing except the ocean waves and a rare bird or two going by. The bride starts to shiver and is given a big bear hug from her husband. They both look into each other’s eyes and it looks like they’re going to kiss, but instead the husband says “Race you to the house!” They both take off running towards the house, laughing. They had to be careful  because the sand felt mushy and  slippery underneath their  bare feet. While in the house they put on some nightclothes and went into their room for the night. All you could hear was the ocean outside for the rest of the night.(while the lovebirds slept)

Spring picture

Just like God made us, maybe there is a female god that’s in control of the seasons! When I look at the picture it looks like she’s just putting the final touches on Spring. The sun is shining  brightly in the picture,making what is already pretty even prettier!    It also looks like her appearance may have started the land to “wake up”  from a deep slumber in some parts of the picture. The people and the animals in the picture are finally free from their cold prison of a few months.They run around happy in the picture and they are full of energy too.

Something I used to believe…

All my life I have been the nice one. I would talk to people and not have too much of a problem. I thought, if I’m nice, then I’ll get some where. Boy was I wrong! This isn’t a message to start going around being mean to all who cross your path. I’m saying is I have got to pick and choose my friends more carefully.  People who I’d think would want to help me out were really plunging the knife in my back deeper and deeper. Thinking back to all that’s been going on since I moved here makes me wish I’d kept my mouth shut! Never mind that now. While I’m jotting all this information down I know people are going to start assuming things.  I just spend every waking hour thinking about them! Can I please have my time to finally grow up?  That’s all I’m asking here!

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